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The Federation hosts a series of events throughout the province every year. Our coaches conference is designed to promote and foster professional development in Ontario's cheerleading coaches while helping to build our sport community. Our industry-leading competitions provide high-quality, cost-effective events for Ontario's athletes to perform and compete their skills.


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Winter Blast - February 6, 2021
Ontario Challenge Cup - March 6, 2021

Northern Lights - TBD

Provincial Championships - April 17-18, 2021

Canada's Wonderland - TBD

COVID-19 Updated - July 31, 2020

The public health unit regions outlined in the following document on page 6, will enter Stage 3. The regions outlined on page 7 will remain in Stage 2, as additional time is required to assess and monitor any impacts and readiness to move into Stage 3. https://files.ontario.ca/mof-framework-reopening-province-stage-3-en-2020-07-13-v2.pdf

In the event of any conflict between these recommendations and provincial legislation, guidelines or other provincial directions, the provincial documentation will take precedence. It is expected that, as more information and guidance become available, these recommendations may be revised to reflect the most current information.

We encourage information sharing within our community as the success of reopening is a team effort. Each club can make restarting Cheerleading in Ontario a success by following the most IMPORTANT recommendations listed below as a minimum standard in alignment with the Province of Ontario’s guidelines for Stage 3. 

  • In-person Teaching and Instruction: 5. (1) 1. “The instructional space must be operated to enable students to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person in the instructional space, except where necessary for teaching and instruction that cannot be effectively provided if physical distancing is maintained."
    • Only use limited spotting with some guidelines (outlined below). Limited would mean where absolutely necessary. In most instances’ progressions, basics, and verbal correction are still only required. Some athletes may need a spot to get over a mental hurdle for a skill due to time off, so please use your best judgement to determine if a spot is absolutely necessary at this time.
    • The Coach/program should seek consent from a parent/guardian or the athlete if of the age of majority, prior to using hands on spotting or correction.
    • The coach and the athlete should both ensure their hands have been properly washed and/or sanitized before and after a skill is spotted as a preventative measure. Coaches should not spot more than 1 athlete without proper hand sanitization.
    • A face covering should be worn by the coach but not the athlete, whenever possible. Exceptions will be if the face covering might hinder the coach’s ability to see or speak clearly. That being said, it is strongly suggested that you acquire a mask that fits correctly and is snug to your face to ensure that a mask can be worn when spotting. A mask must be worn when a coach is manipulating an athlete’s body alignment and/or positions when the athlete is in a stationary, or relatively stationary position. For example, during a handstand, body position hold, etc. However, at this time verbal cues should be your first option to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Gathering Limits for Indoor Facilities
    The total number of members of the public permitted to be at the facility in a class, organized program or organized activity at any one time must be limited to the number that can maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from other persons in the facility, and in any event cannot exceed,
    • 50 persons, if any of the classes, organized programs or organized activities taking place at the time are indoors, or
    • 100 persons, if all of the classes, organized programs or organized activities taking place at the time are outdoors
  • In order to ensure safe distancing, the OCF has put in place the following guideline along with the Government guidelines outlined above.
    • Limit capacity to 1 athlete per 75 sq. Feet of Training Space and,
    • Do Not exceed 30 athletes/9 mat competition size floor (42x54=2268, 2268/30=75.6)
  • Stunting/Building Skills
    • At this time, there is NO performing of skills that require athletes to come into contact with each other.
  • Inform coaches, administrators, members, parents/guardians and participants of new protocols through email, club website, social media channels, and telephone communications
  • Use a declaration of understanding form for all people attending your facility to ensure they understand COVID-19 and their responsibility to self-regulate
  • Post Government of Ontario approved hand sanitizing and physical distancing requirements in high traffic areas (e.g. main entrance door, bathrooms)
  • Ensure participants and their families are aware (through signs, email, and/or verbal communication) that they may not enter the facility if either they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days
  • Ensure physical distancing requirements are met
  • Ensure respiratory etiquette is followed by advising individuals to cough or sneeze into one’s arm or a tissue
  • Clean/sanitize all equipment between classes, where possible, and at the end of the day (Please note: You should follow equipment manufacturers guidelines)
  • Once classes are over for the day and all athletes have left all surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected (mats, floors, counters, bathrooms); this should be done over and above cleaning the equipment between uses
  • Prior to coming to work (daily), staff should be required to screen via self-assessment tool, report to their designated supervisor to determine if either they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days; a log to record the self-assessment should be kept
  • Eliminate pit usage

The guidelines above may be changed or edited at any time. As new information and government guidelines become available, the OCF will continue to update our members on the most important guidelines to follow.

For more information, contact:

CJ Pugh
President, Ontario Cheerleading Federation

The OCF has compiled some best practices as well as more detailed guidelines. They can be found here:


We appreciate the patience and support of the Ontario Cheerleading Community as we went through this process. 

Please direct any questions to info@ocfcheer.com

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