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Winter Blast - February 6, 2021
Ontario Challenge Cup - March 6, 2021

Northern Lights - TBD

Provincial Championships - April 17-18, 2021

Canada's Wonderland - TBD

COVID-19 Updated - Jun 13, 2020

We were very happy to announce yesterday that the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries had an additional category added to the Initial return to Individual training requirements. This amendment will allow our Member programs to return to individual training for competitive athletes.

For your reference, here is the link to the amendment document that was filed on June 11, 2020 - https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/r20262 The specific amendment that allows us to return to individual training is quoted below:

13. Paragraph 34.4 of Schedule 2 to the Regulation is amended by adding the following subparagraph;

iv. Any national sport organization that is a member of, or is recognized by, either the Canadian Olympic Committee or the Canadian Paralympic Committee or a member club of such an organization

This step is a very important one to the return of Cheerleading in Ontario and must be treated with the utmost respect. We all must ensure that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that guidelines surrounding social distancing, sanitization, group gathering, participant screening, etc. are followed and upheld. In general, the following guidelines should be followed:

1. Programs are able to resume COMPETITIVE training as of Friday June 11, 2020 (programs may choose to open later to prepare their protocols)

2. Inform coaches, administrators, members, parents/guardians and participants of new protocols through email, club website, social media channels, and telephone communications

3. Use a declaration of understanding form for all people attending your facility to ensure they understand COVID-19 and their responsibility to self-regulate

4. Post Government of Ontario approved hand sanitizing and physical distancing requirements in high traffic areas (e.g. main entrance door, bathrooms)

5. Ensure participants and their families are aware (through signs, email, and/or verbal communication) that they may not enter the facility if either they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days. As well, anyone entering your facility should go through a screening process

6. Ensure physical distancing requirements are met. When physical distancing can't be ensured or maintained it is recommended that a mask be worn. Masks should not be worn during training.

7. Ensure respiratory etiquette is followed by advising individuals to cough or sneeze into one’s arm or a tissue

8. Clean/sanitize all equipment between classes, where possible, and at the end of the day (Please note: You should follow equipment manufacturers guidelines)

9. Once classes are over for the day and all athletes have left all surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected (mats, floors, counters, bathrooms); this should be done over and above cleaning the equipment between uses

10. Staff should be required to screen via self-assessment tool, report to their designated supervisor to determine if either they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days; a log to record the self-assessment should be kept

11. Hands free coaching (no spotting) for competitive programs – i.e. modify training needs to ensure athletes are only doing safe skills, not learning new skills which might require spotting (Please note: Safety is always the priority, spotting in the event where the coach must prevent serious injury is acceptable)

12. Adhere to maximum numbers in the facility and training area as dictated by the Province of Ontario for group gatherings - Consult with your Municipal Health organization, One person per 144 square feet or 13.378 metres in the training area - This parameter must also include coaches when you calculate for your club, do NOT exceed capacity (for example, a full floor is 2,268 square feet, maximum on the floor is 15)

13. Eliminate pit usage

The OCF has compiled some best practices as well as more detailed guidelines. They can be found here:


We appreciate the patience and support of the Ontario Cheerleading Community as we went through this process. 

Please direct any questions to info@ocfcheer.com

2020 OCF Scholarship Information

The OCF Scholarship application is now open and accepting applications. Details on eligibility and requirements are available by clicking in the button below. 

UPDATE - Applications are due by Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 11:59pm